Best practices and Protocol for COVID-19

Dear UNYQE members and Visitors,

                      Health and safety is our number one priority and as many concerns have arisen regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19, we wish to offer you our best practices, protocols, and suggestions based on information from the CDC and WHO to minimize exposure and allow for those who wish to continue using the gym to do so safely and responsibly:
If you have any symptoms that resemble those associated with the virus or any other general feelings of being unwell, please take the time to rest and stay at home.

We have stepped up our part to ensure your safety and have increased our cleaning efforts and spot treatments to equipment at a high frequency throughout the day.  We have also made available larger amounts of soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and sprays so you may wash your hands more frequently and disinfect any areas you have used or wish to use.
Here is the direct link to the CDC website and coronavirus resources: should you choose to educate yourself on how to better protect yourself throughout your daily tasks along with what to do should you feel unwell.
We will be closely follow any changes to State mandates or TOPA building instructions related to how we safely handle this situation.  Our intention is to stay open and continue to service your health and fitness needs until further notices should arise for us to do otherwise.

We thank you for your help and cooperation in ensuring the facility remains a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Kind regards,



A Big Mahalo

Thank you ACTE Participants

On January 30th and 31th, UNYQE Fitness hosted sessions at the Hawaii Convention Center to promote wellness and good health practices to the 2020 Hawaii Association for Career and Technical Education (HI ACTE) Participants.  These are Hawaii's finest educators and administrators representing secondary and post secondary educators in various fields.  All having a significant impact on Hawaii's students will follow as they graduate high school.  

It was a privileged experience for us and UNYQE is honored to help those who help others.  See you next year!  




Happy New Year to all our members and many thanks for your patronage.  We are proud to introduce our new entrance to start off a new year and decade.  The new entrance is conveniently located near the Fort Street Tower Elevators.  

Thank you everyone for your support and we look forward to delivering an exceptional experience for the coming years.  We have New programs and services in store and will be delivering them in the near future.  Stay Tuned!    

Wishing Everyone Great Health, Peace of Mind, and an UNYQE Body for 2020

From Everyone at UNYQE.  


Great Classes

One More Reason

Here's one more reason to be a member of Unyqe:  Great Classes!  You can build fitness while socializing with other members.

I'm a regular at Pai'ea's noon time Aqua Pump (Monday and Wednesday) and Pilates (Tuesday and Thursday) classes.  With his academic background in Physical Therapy, he analyzes each class member's strengths and weaknesses.  Pai motivates us constantly to improve, while making sure that our form is correct.  And better still, he brings good music along with his sunny disposition.  All levels of fitness are welcome; we work to our individual abilities.  Check it out.  

Aloha, Rosemary Fazio


Phil's Monthly Take

Each and every day is a chance for change!


We have this uncanny ability to make excuses not to do the things we’ve always wanted and while getting the band back together may not be practical for most, there are other things you can do to satiate the longing for the good old days and improve quality of living. 

Start by taking control! One of the most impactful changes people can make is to their health. The verdict is out and odds are in our favor... Healthy habits get healthy results. 

Over the years we will lose grip from time to time due to life’s unforeseen events. You can’t always rely on someone to be there and pick up the pieces for you. You’ll be better prepared by taking control, being there for YOU and your body. Your commitment to yourself is the one constant you can count on. Start now, turn back the clock and your “good health” will thank you for it. 

Phil M


One on one

Mental Workout with Steve Uyehara


BW: Being that you are and have been a fitness enthusiast of many programs over the years tell us what you find best helps you with sticking to a gym routine?   

SU: Convenience is huge! And that’s what makes Unyqe Fitness such an ideal spot. As much as you’d like to think you’ll make it to the gym after work, even a short drive can seem like an eternity when the exhaustion of a long day sinks in and you start thinking of everything you need to get done before you want to drop into your bed and tune everything out. Having Unyqe Fitness right in downtown Honolulu, next to work, makes it so much more feasible. And they have everything we need: free weights, cardio machines, a pool, even open space for bodyweight-type exercises.

BW: We would like to help consumers learn how to find what works for them. Besides training at UNYQE FITNESS We understand you have enjoyed many other training facilities such as UFC, 24-hour fitness, and cross-fit. What do you look for when choosing a facility.  

SU: I look for a facility that is clean, and with a friendly staff that 1) is friendly and offers assistance when I need help and 2) is not constantly trying to sell me something. I also like a variety of exercise equipment. But they have to stick to the basics.

BW: Tell us some of the challenges you have faced as you moved from being a student-athlete to a full-time news anchor and father and how have you overcome these challenges    

SU:  Aside from getting older and the aches and pains that come with that, fatherhood has mandated that my time is not MY time. Therefore I’m constantly fit workouts in when and where I can. Which is why again, a convenient location makes Unyqe Fitness a nice spot to sneak in a workout, before work, after work or on a lunch break.


Latest Happenings

Howard Hamamoto

Former Amfac Executive


"Never underestimate consistency, it yields the best results! Couple this with a facility that provides you with convenient, friendly service and you have a recipe for good health!"

Howard has been using this facility for over 50 years. The Club that he calls home is now known as UNYQE FITNESS and we are very happy to be providing Howard with a service he loves and enjoys.

Thank you!

Bryan Watkins